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Research indicates that when combined with coaching, GLP-1s are the most effective solution for weight loss.


At Voy, we prioritise responsible medication prescribing, guided by rigorous medical expertise and your safety.

What are GLP-1 medications?

GLP-1 medications are a groundbreaking and clinically proven treatment for weight loss that result in an average of 15% reduction in body weight within one year¹.

¹68-week clinical trial of weekly Semaglutide injection (Wegovy) with 1,961 participants.

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Medication that works alongside biology

GLP-1 medications are an effective weight loss tool as they directly influence physiological factors that can hinder efforts to lose weight.

Reduce appetite

GLP-1 medications are an effective weight loss tool as they directly influence physiological factors that can hinder efforts to lose weight.

Curbs cravings

GLP-1 medications reduce cravings by 
directly influencing the brain's reward centre, reducing the urge to reach for unhealthy snacks.

Reduce set weight

GLP-1 medications help to lower the body's natural weight ‘set point’, so weight can continue to be lost without hitting a plateau.



Improve insulin secretion

By improving insulin sensitivity, GLP-1 medications can help manage weight for everyone—even those with slower metabolic rates.

Clinically proven medication that regulates your appetite
By Dr. Earim Chaudry, MMBS, Chief Medical Director

Participants using GLP-1 medication lost
5 times more weight than with diet & exercise alone¹

The benefits
Biology affects weight loss more than willpower does

For years, the biological complexity that underpins body weight has been overlooked. Using appropriate medical solutions like GLP-1 medication addresses the underlying causes of weight gain.


Our genes can determine our appetite, satiety, metabolism, food cravings—and even where we carry body fat.

Metabolic rate

A slower metabolic rate burns fewer calories and often leads to cravings, making it easier to gain weight.


Estrogen regulates fat storage, while testosterone impacts our metabolic rate. Imbalances of both can lead to weight gain.

Psychological factors

Low mood and persistent stress cause elevated cortisol levels which increase appetite and unhealthy cravings.

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Dr. Earim Chaudry, Chief Medical Director

"GLP-1s target your body's biology directly"

“Our dedicated healthcare team will assess your suitability for GLP-1 Medication by evaluating your current health status and medical history. We will then prescribe and monitor your GLP-1 dosage to ensure optimum results and safety”
Dr Earim Chaudry
Medical Director
2 months
1st, 3lbs
Bogomila, MIKE’s health coach
“Working closely with Mike, prescribing him the right medication for his needs and getting to know his routines and habits, we found ways to set achievable goals that have helped not only with his physical health, but his mental health too.”
GLP-1 medications: everything you need to know
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