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Camelia lost 16kg in 2 months
“This program has completely changed my life, because I am a diabetic and had previous difficulty in losing weight. Now, I eat much healthier, drinking more water, exercising and being optimistic. My sleep and the level of energy has improved a lot, I don’t crave junk food, fizzy drinks, sweets, I don’t make anymore late night visits to the kitchen and so many other positive changes.”
Day 1
Month 2
Our results speak for themselves.

Body weight loss

Average body weight loss when using GLP1 medication¹


Improved confidence

97% of patients felt more confident after program²


Improved overall health

97% of patients felt the their overall health had improved after the program²

¹ ² Based on a survey of 215 active patients, February 2023

4 months
2 stone
“Watching Sharon’s growth has been nothing short of astonishing. With Voy's combination of coaching and medication, Sharon has shared how her weight loss programme has helped in putting herself first again.”
Trustpilot reviews
Jacqui Waterhouse
Nearing the end of my first mo...
Nearing the end of my first month with Manual I have felt so looked after by all the team. I'm not sure what I was expec...Read more
Dixie Dean
‘The fact that you have access...
‘The fact that you have access to a person who will speak to you regarding your diet and exercise plan as well as how yo...Read more
Great service and follow up. T...
Great service and follow up. The product is effective weight loss enhancer.
I enjoy the weekly articles to...
I enjoy the weekly articles to help aid you to make the most out of the treatment. Always recieved my prescripted items ...Read more
Maria Viorel
My experience is great because...
My experience is great because, FINALLY, after a long period of time I manage to loose some weight. And I tried everyth...Read more
music D
Very good communication from m...
Very good communication from manual keep you on track with weight loss and always giving tips to stay on track
Very patient, explained the pr...
Very patient, explained the process to me and waited for me to take my first jab. Well appreciated.
All hands had been on deck at ...
All hands had been on deck at Manual to ensure I feel at home with my treatment! From Christoforos who is always will...Read more
I am nearing the end of the fi...
I am nearing the end of the first week with Ozempic. I have already lost 4 lbs in weight. The injection is straightforwa...Read more
The injection pen is really ea...
The injection pen is really easy to use-on my second week now and all is smooth. Email support on a regular basis also h...Read more
Meds arrive on time and well p...
Meds arrive on time and well packed. Help is available if needed. Very helpful weight loss support articles.
Vaida Iuliu
Very good company, and very he...
Very good company, and very helpful with the support given on weight loss program
Mr Rae
I’ve been using Manuals weight...
I’ve been using Manuals weight loss program now for two months and the results speak for themselves. Not only has the fu...Read more
Mrs Nicola Duffin
After years of struggling with...
After years of struggling with Menopause, Insulin Resistance, hypothyroidism all causing weight gain I finally feel that...Read more
Frj Cotrim Farías
I'm loving this experience, in...
I'm loving this experience, in the first doses I wasn't hungry anymore! And in one month I lost 3 kg, before I wasn't ab...Read more
Please note that some of these reviews were collected as part of MANUAL, the parent company of Voy.
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Build a new, healthier lifestyle with expert tips on nutrition, movement and mindset, easy-to-understand science and in-app progress tracking that’s proven to reinforce your motivation.

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