We are here to break the cycle of weight loss

If you’ve tried everything from unsustainable diets to gruelling fitness regimes, Voy is the solution to the lasting weight loss you’ve been searching for.  We combine clinically proven medication and lifestyle coaching to help you achieve weight loss that sticks

Traditional weight loss methods are ineffective

95% of people who try to lose weight through traditional methods like dieting, put it back on again within one year

80% of obesity is caused by our genetics

Obesity is a biologically predisposed disease, so lifestyle changes alone won’t always lead to results

Fads are ineffective and hard to maintain

Extreme diets or intense workout regimens can be hard to maintain in the long term and can cause your weight to yo-yo.

One size, does not fit all

Traditional methods often offer a one-size-fits-all approach, not taking into account individual differences in metabolism, lifestyle, and food preferences.

Our mission

We believe that successful weight loss isn’t about how quickly numbers drop on the scales. ‘Voy’ nods to a metaphorical voyage, because lasting weight loss isn’t a race—it’s about embracing your journey, overcoming obstacles and transforming your life along the way.  We’ll help you chart a course that works for you, navigate challenges and discover new horizons, all while celebrating your milestones. With Voy, you’ll be well on your way towards your happiest, healthiest future.

How we do it

Voy is a comprehensive, medically-guided approach to weight loss tailored to address the multiple factors of your individual biology and lifestyle

Breakthrough medication

Set off on the right foot with medication that’s proven to suppress appetite, so you can hit the ground running and reach your goals faster.

Dedicated health team

Whether you need support with your medication, nutrition or motivation, our specialist teams of coaches, clinicians and nutritionists have you covered.

Stay on track with the Voy App

Build a new, healthier lifestyle with expert guidance on nutrition, movement and mindset. With an easy-to-follow habit change programme, and in-app progress tracking that’s proven to reinforce your motivation.

Our promise

Our team of leading medical experts will support you in every step of your treatment

Responsible prescribing

We only prescribe clinically proven weight loss medication if you’re eligible and help you to manage side effects.

True empowerment

Our coaches use behavioural psychology to help you build confidence in your ability to lose weight and keep it off.

Compassionate specialists

As weight loss is unique to every individual, our team of medical experts have created a programme that can be tailored to your lifestyle.

Our Team

Voy is brought to you by the team behind MANUAL, the online healthcare brand created to destigmatise health issues and create accessible solutions.
Voy is our dedicated weight loss programme which brings together experts in weight loss, behavioural psychology, nutrition and customer experience.

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Thousands of people in the UK trust Voy
Julia - Lost 11kgs in 4 months
"Whilst the medication undoubtedly helps with the weight loss, for me, the biggest support is the counselling. My coach, Maria is really supportive. To have someone that gives you ideas on what you can change and then you hold yourself accountable which is what I think is needed for long term success."
Day 1
Month 4
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